Monday, October 20, 2014


So I had a discussion with a "Christian" the other day and he made the statement that the Mormon Church is not Christian. At that point I stated that he was right we are not a "Christian" religion. He looked stunned for a second and said that I was the first Mormon he had met that admitted it. I said well it was about time we all start being honest because we do not follow or come out of the Catholic Church. We are not a breakoff from a Protestant Church. We do not believe in the Trinity. We also do not believe in the greek love god Jesus, but the Hebrew Jesus (Yeshua). I stated that unlike the Christian World our definition of Christ fits the Hebrew definition of the word Messiah (Moshiach). I also explained that our Messiah was a Jew of the House of Israel that he fulfilled the Torah and did not destroy it. I explained that Mormonism is part of an Israelite Restoration and that the Book of Mormon is a record of a remnant of the House of Israel that was led away. He stated that he had no belief in any of it and finds it hard to belief Joseph Smith's vision when no one else saw it and that how could he be an actual apostle of Jesus Christ since he only saw him in vision. At that point I stated I totally understand his feelings, I mean it must be hard to believe a testimony of a man named Paul who had a vision that no one else saw and who could only bear witness of Jesus from the event. Who could possibly believe such things? He stated that that was different. I asked, "How"? He replied because he had a witness of the Holy Spirit that Paul was telling the truth at which point I told him we have many a member who have the same spiritual witness of Joseph Smith. He stated Joseph married plural wives and was an adulterer. At which point I said so did King David and Solomon so let's throw out Psalms, Proverbs, Kings, etc. They could not possibly be true kings in Israel. He stated that the Book of Mormon was translated through a hat I stated that Aaron and the Priests looked through the Urim and Thummim to obtain revelation and what was up with Moses talking to a glowing tree? He stated that Joseph was a gold digger. I said Matthew was a tax collector what's the difference. After another 30 minutes or so he stopped and realized that his faith has the same issues that he claims Mormons do. In the end, though, despite our differences in dogma I stated doesn't it really come down to following the teachings of the Messiah and accepting his atonement on our behalf?