Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Secret Teachings of Mosiah

 At first glance, Mosiah 7 and 8 detail the account of King Mosiah sending 16 strong men including Ammon down to the land of Lehi- Nephi to ascertain what became of the people of Zeniff.  During this account Ammon who is described as a strong and mighty man and three others after wandering in the wilderness for forty days find their way to the land of Shilom.  There, they are taken captive and brought before King Limhi the Son of King Noah who then recounts their captivity and the discovery of the twenty-four gold plates that contain the record of Ether and the Jaredites. But is there something more to the story that we might be missing?

Thursday, December 24, 2020


Every family has family secrets.  It is no different with the Jaredites and Israelites.  In Hebrew, names mean things and sometimes names tell stories.  We see this displayed in the names of the names of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah:

Adam – A Man

Seth – is appointed

Enosh- a person/man

Kenan – out of sorrow

Mahalaleel – The praise or glory of God

Jared – Who comes down/ descends

Enoch – Dedicated/consecrated

Methuselah – A fruitful branch – a branch with fruit or children

Lamech - Powerful

Noah – giving comfort.

We also see this same narrative device in the names of the post flood Patriarchs recorded around the account of the Tower of Babel:

Shem – Fame and Glory

Arphaxad – Shall fade away or run dry

Cainan – out of sorrow

Salah – like a sprouting plant

Eber – running beyond the bounds

Peleg – divided

Reu – A shepherd/ A watcher

Serug – branches out/ shoots forth

Nahor - snorting/ angry

Terah –a wanderer


Unlike the descending pattern of the names of the Patriarchs, the lineage of the Jaredites is presented in an ascending pattern which foretells a future prophecy.  If we were to read from Jared descending to Ether, we are given a pattern of a people descending and following a linear progression to the fulfillment of the Jaredite story ending with their destruction and the land being given to another people (the Nephites, Mulekites, etc) and their numbers multiplying. 

1. ETHER – abundant, bountiful, multiplying

2. CORIANTOR – Another people 

3. MORON = God Judges, end of a harlot, destroyed.

4. ETHEM = In the edge of the wilderness/ boundary of the sea. The name contains the aleph and tav         which is the beginning and end; a great cycle. 

5. AHAH = brother, kindred.

6. SHIBLON = A place of dwelling/ a place to return too/ inn/ Num 382- Searcher, sweet odor.                    Barley offering/ first fruits.

7. COM – to rise up as in a rising hill or mountain

8. CORIANTUM – joining together of two people to become one

9. AMNIGADDAH – (wailing of large group of people) (invaded or attacked) 

10. AARON = Light bringer. Numerical value 256 = luminous

11. HETH = terror/ object of fear -hod/glory splendor

12. HEARTHOM = mountain/ nation of purity 

13. LIB = Heart, Flame, the consciousness of man coming deep as from the heart. Numeric Value 32 – Paths of the heart = to make pure, concealed – hidden path

14. KISH- stalks harvested from the field, what is left after stalk or grain has been removed

15. COROM= gathering of people by covenant or arrangement

16. LEVI = crowned and joined together

17. KIM = rise up/ standing

18. MORIANTON- borders by the seashore; chosen/beloved of God

19. RIPLAKISH – a large gathering of people shall go

20. SHEZ = a star, splendor, glory – destroyer of the enemy – builder of a righteous kingdom

21. HETH – terror/ object of fear -hod/glory splendor

22. COM- to rise up as in a rising hill or mountain

23. CORIANTUM – two people coming together

24. EMER – speak, say, utter

25. OMER = a tenth part/ a measure of things

26. SHULE = like a train or hem or flowing skirt of a robe/garment of the high priest

27. KIB = a tenth part or assembly shall take hold 

28. ORIHAH- light of yah, lion

29. JARED = To come down, descend


If we read in an ascending progression from Ether to Jared then the genealogy reveals the following prophetic pattern:

Another people will come forth, coming out of judgment as part of the great cycle of righteousness. As brethren, the first fruits of that people coming forth and joining together with another people through a light bringing, luminous person, or work that shall change the hearts of the people resulting in a harvest. They shall be an object of fear. A nation, made pure will cause a remnant to be gathered out by covenant where they shall come together as a nation, crowned together, and loved of God. Who shall build a righteous kingdom and shall be considered terrible by the nations because of their glory. A tithe or tenth part that shall come forth the like the train of the high priest’s robe. The Light of Yah, The Lion- who shall come down.