Thursday, February 15, 2018

That Evil May Be Done Away!

The Eternal Revolution

Are we Being Socially Engineered through control of Information- Either Current or Historical? Our country was founded on the Ideology of Liberty and Freedom- Freedom of Speech being one such foundation stone. Our current situation finds its roots in a complete picture of Historical Accuracy. Without investigating all sides of historical issues we are doomed to not only be slaves of ignorance but the willing slaves to corporate task masters who have a vested interest in "managing the masses" through the strategic control and manipulation of information. We must stand up not only for the Freedom declared by the Declaration of Independence and established in our Constitution but also for the Liberty to walk in these Freedoms unfettered.

When you see the tides of division- Men and Women of All Races in the United States- know that your true task masters are not far behind in accomplishing their goal of enslaving us all. The comfort and false security crafted by the selective revision of History and the science of propaganda is designed with one final goal- the destruction of Freedom and Liberty in all Lands.

Righteous Causes are only established on the foundation of Righteous Laws and Principles. Yet even the evil believe their cause to be Righteous. They endeavor to cloak their evil designs under the guise of Freedom all the while their goal is to create a system of slavery. True Liberty requires sacrifice. True Freedom requires the upholding of Just Laws. The President is no greater than the citizens he was elected to represent and protect. The corporate mogul is of no greater worth than the homeless man on the street.

Abdicating our role and responsibility in maintaining freedom leads to a complacency in every area of life. It takes education and action to make effective change. Those lovers of freedom and righteousness both here and beyond the veil of this human existence far exceed the numbers of those who maintain the illusion of control. Their one fear is that oneness and unity that comes from breaking the yoke of their lies, division, and propaganda. They know that it will result in the harmony of every nation, tribe, language and people over which they cannot prevail.

A Voice of Warning- Being Fulfilled in our Day

And now I Moroni do not write the manner
of their oaths and conspiracies
for it has been made known unto me
that they are had among all people
and they are had among the Lamaniy
And they have caused the destruction of this people
of whom I am now speaking
and also the destruction of the people of Nephi
And whatever nation
shall uphold such secret conspiracies
to get power and gain
until they shall spread over the nation
behold they shall be destroyed
for YHVH will not allow
that the blood of his set apart ones
which shall be shed by them
shall always cry unto him
from the ground for vengeance upon them
and yet he avenge them not

Therefore O you Goyim
it is wisdom in Elohiym
that these things should be shown unto you
that thereby you may repent of your sins
and allow not that these murderous conspiracies
shall get above you
which are built up to get power and gain
and the work
yes even the work of destruction come upon you
yes even the sword of the justice of the Eternal Elohiym
shall fall upon you
to your overthrow and destruction
if you shall allow these things to be
therefore YHVH commands you
when you shall see these things come among you
that you shall awake to a sense of your awful situation
because of this secret conspiracy
which shall be among you
or OY be unto it
because of the blood of them
who have been killed
for they cry from the dust
for just vengeance upon it
and also upon those
who built it up

For it comes to pass
that whoever builds it up seeks
to overthrow the freedom
of all lands nations and countries
and it brings to pass the destruction of all people
for it is built up by the evil one
who is the father of all lies
even that same liar who beguiled our first parents
yes even that same liar who has caused man
to commit murder from the beginning
who has hardened the hearts of men
that they have murdered the prophets and stoned them
and cast them out from the beginning

Therefore I Moroni am commanded
to write these things
that evil may be done away
and that the time may come
that the evil one may have no power
upon the hearts of the children of men
but that they may be persuaded
to do good continually
that they may come
unto the fountain of all righteousness
and be saved

(Ether 8)

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